M. E. Scott

The daughter of an Egyptologist and classical historian, M. E. Scott was exposed to notions of magic and mythopoeia from childhood, kindling interest in what evolved into a lifelong passion for the study of the occult.  With both her Sun and Venus in the first face of Libra, her enthusiasm for the poetry of ritual is intricately woven into her work, resulting in an efficacious magical practice that is not only versed in tradition but likewise refined.

M. E.'s primary devotion is to the spirits, the common thread that runs through all of her thaumaturgical practices.  A dedicated student of Western esotericism and confirmed Anglo-Catholic, her deepest interests lie in Goetic sorcery, planetary sympathies, and the overlap between the Christian biblical canon with theurgy and occultism.  A poet and perfumer besides, she finds particular satisfaction acting as a magical catalyst and facilitator for those in the creative arts.

M. E. Scott currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Supernal Mirror tithes a percentage of all income to Survived & Punished, a coalition organized to de-criminalize efforts to survive domestic and sexual violence and support and free criminalized survivors.

Cover photo by Christina Acevedo; portrait by Caroline Schub.