“M. E.’s work is very powerful and undeniably consequential – I am so grateful for her blessings and lucky omens which propelled my creative project onto another level, all the while heavily protected. I received my talisman magically, on the perfect day, at the perfect moment – reaffirming her magic. I am a returning customer.” – Donna Huanca, artist

"In world full of woo and dabblers, M. E. is the real deal. She is both informed and intuitive, educated and devout. I have so rarely met anyone so profoundly tuned in to the spirit world. I find her tarot readings invaluably affirming, and her talismanic works and potions potent and deeply inspiring. For those seeking a magical practitioner, there is no one else I would recommend above her."  – Mary Katherine Dunwody, herbalist and astrologer

“Magical work with M. E. Scott brought abundance and peace into my life. I am very grateful.” – Clare Kelly, publisher

“Over the past two years, the trajectory of my life has led to multiple roadblocks both in my interpersonal and artistic pursuits. Through strained friendships, plenty of creative blocks, one heartbreak, and one budding and exciting new love, M. E. Scott has guided me thoughtfully and given me exactly the clarity I needed. I truly believe her spellwork and readings brought me to the mental place and the love I have today.” – Alexx Marie Valencia, artist

“Last year, I tried to buy a house. There was a lot going on, including upcoming surgery and funding issues – basically, all my eggs were in one unreliable basket. If it fell through, I was f*cked financially as well as healthwise, and I was in love with the house. I thought, I’m trying to make the biggest purchase of my life – why not call in the big guns? I’d never done anything like this before, but I hired M. E. to talk with the spirit-deity-realm and create blessings to help get the house into my hands. And lo, I got the house! I fully endorse M. E.’s services for the points in your life when you could use the extra support. You won’t regret it.” – Eli Viszk, writer & radical public defender

“It was revelatory to talk to M. E. Scott. I feel like she brought to light my deeper questions that I hadn’t figured out how to ask myself yet. What she said deeply resonated. I feel like she gave me a psychic sweater to keep me comfortable and safe through my upcoming transition.” – Geraldine Lavin, herbalist

“I recommend M. E. Scott’s magical coaching and readings for those seeking a little guidance and ways to ignite creativity.” – Nicolette Clara, artist

“M. E. Scott is incredible. Her readings are so insightful and have been so helpful to me this year.” – Chelsea Marks, artist

“M. E. provided me with the tools to physically and spiritually better myself. Her one hour session alone helped me make the necessary changes to live a more fulfilling life, in the most unbiased yet personable way. She is calm, honest, and makes you feel very comfortable from the start. I will definitely be arranging for another session soon. She is incredible!” – Ren G, musician & DJ

“Everything about the experience of working with M. E. Scott was excellent. Her ease of communication and simple booking process helped me to keep my focus on my thoughts, questions, and ideas surrounding my reading. Right at the start of the reading, I could tell she was listening and paying attention. This helped greatly, again, with keeping my focus on the energy surrounding the reading itself. It was wonderful that it had a point A to point B feeling instead of a rigid format. Everything flowed intuitively and her words were quickly internalized! I couldn’t be happier with the experience and I can’t wait until it’s time for another.” – Justin, chef

“M. E. Scott provided terrific insight and energy during a very cloudy and draining period in my life. It was exactly the guidance I needed, many aspects of which I knew to be true but could not admit to myself. She is very intuitive and gifted.” – Yasmina, translator

"I have had the pleasure of knowing M. E. Scott for several years and seeing what a skilled magician she is. This past year, she crafted a Venusian pentacle for me to help assist me with bringing more wealth and influence over others into my life and it has been the greatest tool I've used in years.  It's been a godsend to have this pentacle to work with through the Venus retrograde cycle. I am so glad to be able to share the effects of wearing it, and know that anything she crafts will be charged with the greatest of care and attention to detail.  She's truly a knowledgeable, passionate and gifted magical being." – Terri Strange, psychic

"Sometimes there are steps we must take in life to move forward that require a lot of guts. We’re afraid but we can’t turn back, and have no choice but to face our fears. M.E.’s magic has protected and supported me in endeavors where I otherwise felt alone, and helped me summon the strength and bravery to stay on my path. She is an 'old soul' with a well-developed inner wisdom, who can shine a light on the unknown and guide you to make your own empowered choices." – Kayla Guthrie, artist

"Elizabeth's tarot reading is equal parts intuitive prowess and in-depth practical experience with the cards, which was evident during both of my truly resonant sessions with her. We established an immediate rapport where I felt at ease to discuss the intimate and mundane details of my life, and her insight guided me during two especially pinnacle moments." – Maya Aguayo Schmidt-Feng, astrologer, model, & creative director

“Really happy that I trusted my gut and sought M. E. Scott’s magic when I needed it! During a somewhat chaotic move, she provided an incredibly immediate and lucid assessment of my situation (with me having to explain surprisingly little) through a combination of what could only have been years of cultivated artistic practice, a natural well of emotional intuition / sophistication, and genuine magic (she has a way with the cards!). Not only did I feel genuinely understood on an artistic, personal, and spiritual level, she gently re=oriented my perspective to assess more clearly what action I should take and areas in my life that needed greater reflection. I left the session with a deeper sense of my life and a calm which has lingered since. Well worth it, highly recommended!” – Daniel H., filmmaker

“I just had my first reading with M. E. Scott whose intuition, wisdom, and guidance blew me away. I am so grateful.” – Emily Berregard, artist and curator

“Highly recommend a reading with M. E. Scott. She was able to find ways for me to move in the right direction, and find inner strength and peace. Confirmed excitement in life that I felt was lost. Much like talking to an old friend.” – Mel Paget, artist

“A big big thank you to M. E. Scott for such an accurate, helpful, and guiding tarot reading today. Her insight is incredible; she is so intuitive and was extremely on point with picking up on the energies in my life regarding all aspects intersecting with one another. Shew as able to pick up on situations that I had not even brought up, all the while being so real and true and simply just having a good grasp on the nuances of reality and life – in a realistic and completely applicable way.” – Robyn Hellmer, artist

“Just had my tarot cards read by occultist M. E. Scott and I’m still reeling and processing how well she read me. This reading came at an optimal moment for me. I highly recommend M. E. Scott if you’re looking for spiritual guidance.” – Marie, artist

“I would just like to say M. E. Scott is an amazing reader who reads through a feminist lens. She has helped me through so many ups and downs, and I would recommend her to anyone.” – LA Warman, poet

“Firstly, I must say that M. E.’s voice is soothing, is substantive, the depth engrossed me every time, and the utterances are equally compelling. M. E. speaks with empathy, wisdom, and care. Her practices are deeply feministic, an awareness of female energies past and present allow for a deeper and more revealing analysis of one’s location in the world. I always feel deeply understood and never judged. Although I am new to tarot, I learn much from M. E.’s readings. She is responsive to any questions and often expands and specifies. I would say that M. E. is deeply prophetic with a wide understanding of the convergence of many spiritual and worldly realities, such as natural medicine and the meaning of dreams. A true femina esoterica.” – Em Laurent, philosophy student & activist

“You may be looking for answers to move in the right direction spiritually and mentally. I recommend M. E. Scott for tarot and magical work. She has vast knowledge of the world beyond the veil, and has saved my butt more times than I can count. Get at her and her always-reasonable prices. Can do pin-point accurate readings over the phone.” – Kaycie Chute, industrial designer